This is a mother
webbed site!

How Exciting!

My First Webbed Page

Okay i'm moving all my pages here, i'm gonna stop updating this page for now because it's hard to read in Notepad and i'm gonna get a proper ide later.

The Miracle of Moss

Just A Bunch Of Images

Tabula Rasa, or, Learning about tables.

All At Once Without Personality

What are we doing here?

We are learning HTML.

Why are we doing this?

So I can partake in the divine act of creation on my own terms

So what does this look like?

h4 header goes like thiiIIiiIIss

description of item/s
definition of item/s
Any carnivorous animal belonging to the family Canidae.
The domesticated sub-species of the family Canidae, Canis lupus familiaris.
Moo juice
Cat beer
A white liquid produced by cows and used for human consumption.
And here we present an h5 header

Oh hell, I guess I should link my tumblr here

Here's a link to another page, this one is known as the The Miracle of Moss!

h6 headline goes brrrrrrr

Here you can find a link to the website that teaches and reminds me how to do this html shit.

HTMLDog (Links)

There are other items on this website, obviously.

Oh SHIT we have acquired a scrollbar.
I wonder how well this site is supported in other web browsers!

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